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Agribusiness represents the comprehensive fusion of agriculture and commerce, encompassing a wide spectrum of activities

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We are committed to sustainable and eco-friendly transportation

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We offer tailored manufacturing services to meet your unique requirements.

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Aponye Hospitality

Trusted for Exquisite Accommodation, Office Space and Real Estate Services

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Aponye Uganda Ltd.

Welcome to Aponye (U) Limited, a company that has been striving for the last 34 years to serve Ugandans with quality products and services. We continue to pledge our effort towards making our motherland a better place through the services and products we offer.

34+ Years

Of serving our Customers

Aponye Agrobusiness

Aponye deals in a wide range of Agrobusiness products including; Maize Flour, Beans, and Rice, among others

Aponye Manufacturing

We embrace innovative techniques to enhance agricultural productivity.

Aponye Hospitality

We embrace innovative techniques to enhance agricultural productivity.

Aponye Transportation

We provide transport logistics solutions for cargo on both local and International levels

Latest News and Media

We’re excited to have you join us as we explore a wide range of topics and share our thoughts, insights, and experiences with you.

Aponye – By The Numbers

Consumers coming in contact with our brands on a daily basis.
Farmers we work with in our outgrower schemes across multiple value chains.
Men and women with various skills and abilities
Districts we operate from, spanning towns, around Uganda
Consumer brands across multiple categories, many of which are household names.