Tribute to Chairman

Aponye Uganda Limited

In Loving Memory of Mr. Apollo Nyegamehe, Founder of Aponye

“Apollo’s innate business acumen and relentless work ethic quickly set him on a path to success.”

Apollo Nyegamehe was a man of vision, determination, and boundless ambition. Born in the heart of Muhanga Town Council in the Rukiga District, Apollo’s journey in the world of business began in the early 80s. Little did anyone know that this small-town boy would go on to become a billionaire and a towering figure in Uganda’s business landscape.

In 1989, Apollo Nyegamehe laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial legacy when he established Aponye (U) Ltd. This company was his first step into the world of business, specializing in produce buying and selling, bond facilities, and cargo transportation.

As the years passed, Apollo’s business empire grew exponentially. Under the umbrella of Aponye Uganda Limited, he ventured into diverse sectors, leaving an indelible mark on the country’s economic landscape. Some of his most notable achievements included:

However, perhaps one of Apollo Nyegamehe’s most significant contributions was in the field of grain trading. Aponye (U) Ltd became a household name in the industry, with a remarkable daily milling capacity of up to 240 tonnes of grains. His commitment to quality and efficiency earned him partnerships with prestigious clients, including the World Food Programme (WFP). Through his grain trading business, Apollo played a pivotal role in ensuring food security and stability in the region.

As we remember Apollo Nyegamehe, we celebrate not only his incredible achievements in business but also the values he stood for—hard work, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. He was a true inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and a beacon of hope for his community.

Though Apollo may no longer be with us in person, his legacy lives on. He leaves behind a thriving business empire, countless lives touched by his generosity, and a blueprint for success that will continue to guide generations to come.
Rest in peace, dear Apollo. Your journey from a small town to a business titan will continue to inspire us all.